Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Choose Your Own Adventure

Summer, every year I am reminded of how awesome you are. As a semi-recent Los Angeles transplant, I'm still sorting out my social life. Perhaps it's the effects of the season, or my inner overachieving 6th grader who wants to write the best "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" essay ever or perhaps I listened to Natasha Beddingfield's "Unwritten" one too many times- either way, I've been trying to extract the maximum amount of fun in this three month stretch. My friend Blair once told me "in LA you can find whatever you want and a lot of it", boy, is that the truth. While I wouldn't call going to bars and cruising to various local landmarks around any kind of spectacular soul searching experience, but it is nice to just be in the moment and live. Ah yes, summertime- I'm all about you. I was fortunate enough to have three days off in a row and apart from the mandatory cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping day- I managed to squeeze a tiki expo, trip to the flea market and a cemetery adventure into my remaining two days. Now I've had a weekend full of adventure and my apartment is spotless. Bring on the week.

Don the Beachcomber in Seal Beach

An amazing mai tai situation.

Melrose/Fairfax Flea Market

Beautiful handmade pillow cover.

Joann is sharing her smart-girl secrets with the world. 

Such a happy accident finding this exhibit when we were lost at Forest Lawn.
"I only date tall dudes, because they make me feel small"

Joann and the Aztec calendar.

The OG bitchy resting face. I feel your pain.

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