Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Farmer's Market: Ritual Saturday Mornings

 Is there anything better than feeling like you’re in the opening “little town such a quiet village” sequence of Beauty and the Beast? If your answer was "no", you are correct. Maybe I just have an active imagination, but I sure to love my local farmer’s market. My schedule can be pretty intense, so it can be difficult to get into a routine and have a proper work/life balance. One of my newest habits is quickly becoming my favorite. For the past couple months I’ve been making a point to hit up the Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning. I do my best to buy the majority of my produce and eggs there. I’ve also found some other great stuff as well (locally sourced bee pollen for the win! Suck it, allergies, I will defeat you!)- all while trying to not be sweet-talked into $10 hummus by the charming Babba Foods guy or lured into sample-heaven by the Italian bundt cake dude.

As much as I wish I had the time and skill to turn my brown-thumb green, my personal attempts at produce gardening have always fallen short, fallen over or simple been whizzed on by my dogs. Like many a novice gardener, I didn’t realize just how much work actually goes into a garden. If i have more time in the future, I’m sure I will revisit it- but for now, I leave my produce producin’ to the experts and stick to houseplants and cacti. My lackluster attempts at gardening have really created a new-found appreciation for those in the agricultural business.

Some might consider this a bit of a bourgeoisie kind of activity, I think it’s really important to not buy into the hype that fresh whole locally sourced foods and Farmer’s Markets are only for fancy people. Fresh organic produce is for everybody and it is such a nice and relaxing way to spend the morning. Bourgeoisie notions aside, I do like to feel connected with my community and support local business and agriculture. So yes, the produce is a bit more expensive- but I can prioritize the cost because of the good it does for the community. The SoCo Farmer’s Market is my market of choice. The vendors are certified by the government and by the market itself- so you can rest assured that what you buy is locally sourced.
Please don't squish: words to live by.
My Saturday morning go a little something like this: I order my latte from Portola Coffee Lab (it takes a million years, but it’s worth the wait) and hit the tents. Sometimes I fly solo, sometimes I can convince my house mate’s girlfriend to accompany me.Truth be told, there are times that I’ve simply left with a single onion. But whatevs, it’s all that I needed that particular week. Occasionally I’ll visit the food trucks or just have a quick chat with the vendors. Maybe this week I will walk through the market holding my Kindle and shouting “bounjour!” to everybody and see if I’m the only one that gets the joke. 

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