Friday, June 22, 2012

Tender Greens and Sweet Music Prints For Your Casa

Earlier this month I was hired to do make-up and hair for an AOL series called Signature Sounds with my girl, Allison Hagendorf. It was a blast and it’s always nice to work with clients whom I’ve known for years. Jobs like that feel more like a reunion of old friends than work. I really dig my career and am super stoked and fortunate to do something that I love and make a living, truth be told, the only thing that stresses me out is the traffic going back and forth between Los Angeles and Orange County. Seriously, the traffic. Ugh. The traffic, seriously, it’s terrible. However, I love living in Orange County and never ever want to leave, so the driving is something that comes with the deal. I’ll share more about the show once the episode is released.

The first day of shooting, we had lunch at a place I’ve often passed by and have been meaning to try for some time now- Tender Greens. The food was pretty delish, being a vegetarian (pescatarian, technically, even though I rarely eat seafood) on set can usually mean lots of bread, cheese and poorly thought out lunch selections either on my part or on the part of production. It was such a treat to have a well made roasted vegetable sandwich with a side salad. What really struck me about Tender Greens (beside the awesome food and modern cafeteria vibe) was the art on the walls. Historically, for me, restaurants have never really been the place I go to to find inspiring decor ideas. I’m used to being treated to all kinds of terrible wall situations. I blame it a couple truths: I grew up in Lake Elsinore and the most hoppin’ restaurant in town was The Sizzler and my family was there almost every Friday night. Like it or not, it has become my measure for rating restaurant decor. The Sizzler was a mess of early 90’s mod-southwest style where peach, deep teal and airbrush photos of howling coyotes wearing bandanas went to die. Traumatizing. Although, at the time, they were completely chic and with it.

Walking in I was greeted by a retro looking print for a Devo show, and as I looked at the rest of the prints- I completely fell in love. The entire place is decked out in prints by Los Angeles based artist, Kii Arens and they are just wonderful. Arens’ prints are a blend of mid 60’s- early 80’s advertising style, graphic colors, kitsch and all kinds of tongue-in-cheekiness that is right up my alley. They are music prints that I would love to have in my home- and I've fought many battles with various dudes about band posters in my life. I am a firm believer that grown-ups frame and mat posters. His prints are available for purchase on his website and if you find yourself cruising around Hollywood looking for a bite to eat, give Tender Greens a shot. 

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