Monday, May 14, 2012

So You're Listening To... Musicforthemorningafter by Pete Yorn

I know there’s a bit of a nostalgia theme hitting the So You’re series lately. Musicforthemorningafter was released in 2001 and I’ve owned it ever since it came out. It was one of those records that I bought because I liked one or two songs and then just kind of left them on the shelf for years. I was so notorious for that. I’d pay $15 for an album and just listen to a few songs. There are albums that I’ve owned for ten+ years that I haven’t heard to completion. I used to intern at a record label and I would get so many promo copies, I’m pretty sure there are records I still own that I’ve never even opened. Makes for surprising adventures in random iTunes playlists. I’m trying to get better about listening to complete albums- I swear. Back to the topic at hand. This record is really good.  Really really good. Pete Yorn is a seriously talented singer and songwriter.

Give it to Pete Yorn, he knows his angles.

My junior year of college I drove up to visit my cousin in San Francisco and this album did not leave my stereo the entire drive there and back. It is one of the best road trip albums ever- from beginning to end it’s completely fluid and entertaining. I’ve put this record on many travel mixes throughout the years and I just picture myself cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway, sunglasses on and a few hours to clear my head. The summer that I briefly toured with a band I was “managing” (I use the term managing very loosely, because I worked at the Gap and lived in the dorms when I was booking shows and watching merch tables in my spare time), I met them in Oklahoma and we toured throughout the south on our way to Birmingham for a festival. There was a lot of Pete Yorn and Azure Ray on that trip... and Febreeze... lots and lots of Febreeze.

Clockwise (L to R)
Brown Colored Straw Fedora / Mossimo Supply Co.
Strawberry Lip Balm / Smith's Rosebud Salve
 Classic Aviator Sunglasses / Ray Ban
Road Trip Guide: California Highway 1 / Lonely Planet
World Domination Raglan T-Shirt / Obey
 High Noon Freshface Glow / Fresh
Floral Trimmed Scarf / Forever 21
California State Charm Necklace / Nashelle

So throw on a summer scarf and drive somewhere close enough to feel at home and far enough to feel removed. Take a book. Take a friend. Just drive. My friends make fun of my love of "bro shirts" but I will tell you, these long-sleeved Obey raglan T-Shirts are the most comfortable ever and totally worth the price. If you are not feeling listening to the entire record, I highly recommend “Just Another”, “Strange Condition” and “Sleep Better”. If you are jonesing for some new roadtrip worthy tunes, check out the Gemini EP by Jack and White (Brooke White has been a longtime client and I did the make-up/hair on the album cover)- it’s very similar in it’s sing-a-long and listenability.