Sunday, May 27, 2012

Simple Things Sunday: Feliz Compleaños, Glitter and Star Wars Shirts

This week has been a super busy and eventful one, so I apologize for my lack of presence on my blog. Lots of really great things are happening, so I’ve just been kind of relishing in the joy of it all. I’ve been meaning to post a bit more about Hayley’s birthday extravaganza earlier this month and one of my favorite birthday crafts I’ve done in a while. Now, Hayley claims she doesn’t remember this conversation, but at one point during the talk of planning her birthday she mentioned that she wanted to see more creative phrases than the simple “Happy Birthday”. You just can’t tell a person like me these kinds of things- and I’ll tell you why. Because you will get exactly what you ask for.
Tortoise Horn-Rimmed Glasses / Derek Cardigan
Vintage Style Star Wars T-Shirt / Forever21
Black and Gold Layered Necklace / H&M
Blue Multi-Layer Beaded Necklace / Forever21

 I decided to go with a Spanish twist on the ol’ “Happy Birthday” and go with Feliz Cumpleaños. I already had it worked out in my head how it would look- but I also need to curb myself from going into the poorhouse whenever birthdays and holidays come around because in my grown-up brain, I can somehow justify spending a fortune on party stuff. A couple years ago, for my friend Carrie’s birthday, I made a papier-mâché flying pig piggy bank sculpture thing when I was asked to make a simple donation jar. When my friend, Roman, turned thirty-seven, I concluded that it just wouldn’t be a party without a proper wild-west theme including feathered headbands, cowboy hats and felt mustaches-on-sticks. Not to mention the phase I went through when I was just making cupcakes and desserts for no good reason all of the time. It can get expensive to be crafty.

The glitter I chose was a really pretty nude-gold that I picked up at Micheal's in the scrap booking department.
The typo was an easy fix.

For Hayley’s banner, I wanted to keep myself around a $25 budget and I actually managed to stay well within that. I printed out the letters in the size and font I wanted and made a stencil that was then traced onto metallic poster board. After cutting out the letters I then draped my dining room table with plastic and commenced the glittering. Using an old cheap paintbrush and Elmer’s glue, I went glitter crazy. Thankfully, I was bragging about my sweet banner to my homegirl, Kris, who pointed out a near catastrophic error: it was Feliz Cumpleaños, not Feliz Compleaños. Rookie mistake, I know- but sometimes you just get so caught up in a project that the most simple errors just slip by. I decided to use simple gift wrap twine and mini clothespins to hang up the banner.

Kris saves the day.
Tiny clothespins are not only super cute, but make adjustments and repositioning immensely easier.
 The day of the birthday was like a marathon of maneuvering- Geoff (her boyfriend) and I had been planning this out for weeks and we had some carefully orchestrated stuff to get done, since we both had crazy work schedules that particular week. He managed to leave a key under the mat for me while Hayley was out to lunch and I snuck in climbed on the most scary wobbly-step stool ever and hung the banner. The entire time I as on the stool, I just kept repeating to myself- “this can NOT be how I die”- because it was like three feet off the ground but utterly terrifying.

Yellow Floral Skirt / Anthropologie
Vintage Style Star Wars T-Shirt / Forever21 Men
Tortoise Horn-Rimmed Glasses / Derek Cardigan

 All in all the banner was a great success and stayed hung up at the birthday girl’s house for a couple weeks. So the verdict is in- everybody gets a banner from now on, which is great because, I was super over making cupcakes all the time... I just need to find more sassy ways to say “Happy Birthday!” to all of my loved ones.

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