Friday, May 18, 2012

My Friday's Fancies: Summer Lovin'

Clockwise (L to R)
Glow Overnight Resurfacing Serum / Dr. Brandt
Chevron Plus-Sized Bikini / Simply Be
Tinted Beauty Balm / Too Faced
1969 Raw Edged Denim Cut-Off Shorts / Gap
Naturally Emolient Suncreen Lip Care / Alba Botanica
Flamingo Pink “Trout Pout” 3-Free Nail Laquer / Butter London
Geometric Cobalt Blue Gladiator Sandals / Mossimo
Elysian Garden Two-Wick Candle / Voluspa
Oversized Plum Wayfarer Glasses / Glasses USA

I’ve had a really good treasure hunting month thus far. Usually I find one thing and get totally obsessed with it, but lately I’ve been finding a well rounded variety of stuff to throw money at. My favorite purchases have been my first plus-sized bikini that I ran to purchase after seeing on Gabi Fresh's blog and a pair of dark wash denim cut-offs from Gap. I’m not a small girl, I’m very hourglassy (it's a word that I just made up, feel free to use) and I fluctuate between a size 12 and 16 most of the time. Ideally, I’d love to be an 8 or a 10 again- but I’m not going to hate myself in the mean time. This summer I’ve taken an oath to love the skin I’m in. I’m going to take care of my mind, body and soul and just spend my time being grateful for what I’ve got.

Speaking of the perils of trying to be grateful for what I've got... I freaked out a bit when my “thinker wrinkle” in between my brows decided to petition for a more permanent position on my face. I've always blabbed about how gorgeous age is and how much I adore old women. The sassy broads that I one day hope to be like. The ladies that go for a morning walk in Palm Springs with their grey hair glistening under their glamour-turbans. Surprisingly, I was not psyched to have a crack in the center of my face. Julie L., at Sephora South Coast Plaza recommended that I try using a retinol treatment two to three nights a week. I’ve already noticed results and using sunblock during the day, I haven’t noticed much photo-sensitivity.

Trying to get Henry to actually look into the camera without treat bribes.

After accepting that retinol was going to be a part of my regular routine I also had to accept that sun care would (and SHOULD) now become a part of my daily routine. The morning after I’ve done my retinol treatment, I use Murad Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30 and days that I’m not planning a lot of sun-intensive activity, I’ll just use Too Faced’s Tinted Beauty Balm either by itself or under my make-up. I’ve also noticed my lips getting dried out fairly quickly and I was super psyched to find a lip balm with SPF that didn’t have a weird chemical kind of aftertaste. I picked up the Alba Botanica lip balm (SPF 25) in the impulse buy shelf at the checkout at Sprouts and it was definitely three bucks well spent.

Okay enough about skin. Can I talk about toes? I like to utilize the summer time to sport some technicolor tootsies and I finally found my perfect shade of flamingo pink by one of my favorite brands, Butter London. It’s called Trout Pout and it’s super perfect! I’ve never had so many compliments on my toenails. I'll take the compliments and completely devour them and hold on to them like little self-affirming nuggets of goodness- although I now have the added reminder to make sure my feet aren’t looking whack. I love to wear the flamingo pink polish with my new cobalt blue gladiator sandals that I just snagged on super sale at Target. The cobalt and pink- it's all so very Miami Rhapsody in the best kind of way.

Nigel and his lobster toy playing the twinsies game. 

I’m super psyched for summer 2012! I’m determined to have a blast and hopefully hit the beach a lot.  I encourage you to do the same. Let's make this the summer of loving the skin we're in and treating our bodies and minds well. So put on an outfit that makes you feel beautiful, find a book that stimulates your mind, have a good laugh, go for a walk and eat your vegetables.


  1. What a cute picture - love your determination to stay healthy! Can't wait to hear all about your summer!

  2. i love the polish & shoes you've included in your roundup! i love butter london polishes - they feel so decadent!

    also, i think your puppies are adorable. i have a miniature schnauzer named mollie jean - she lives at my parents house - seeing that cute photo of nigel made me miss her :)

    i really love your closing paragraph, too - that's the kind of summer i want to remember when i look back on 2012. happy weekend :)

    - l