Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life Lately

My girl Hayley over at The Weekend File hosts a bi-weekly link-up called "Life Lately" where bloggers of all walks of life are welcome to participate and socialize. Want to join in the fun???? There's a button at the bottom of the post and the link-fest ends on Wednesday. Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth.

Sweet succulent & found wood DIY idea spotted at Anthropologie at the Irvine Spectrum. Trust, I've already started planning new ways to destroy my backyard and turn it into full on overgrown hippie crazy lady central. 

Up and at 'em.... how do people wake up without two four-legged alarm clocks? If my dogs were put in jail for a crime- it's be death by snuggle.


Day trip to Huntington Beach with Hayley. Hornrim glasses by Derek Cardigan.

Trying out a whole lot of wardrobe with the team on a test. We were shooting on an old wet plate camera- so we just decided to see how ALL of the garments photographed at once on us instead of making the models change a ton of times. 

The old cameras are really challenging and fun to work with, especially from a beauty perspective. The flip things around and do really crazy things with color and texture.

After that shoot I was off to Palm Springs/Coachella for 5 days- here's a nondescript Coachella stage photo. It was Florence and The Machine's set, but really I could lie and say it was Madonnna... you'd really never know. 

Back to the grind- working up in Los Angeles for one of my TV clients. 

Cookie bribes always make the best photos, however, Nigel and Henry were having trouble coping with my constant travel this month. 

Blue Steel- pit stop at the Madonna Inn en route to our hotel in San Luis Obispo. Yes, I did buy a souvenir pen for $4.50. 

Photos of photos being taken at Tracy & Dan's wedding.
I bought these Via Spiga gold platform sandals at Nordstrom Rack in 2003. They are still super comfortable, mint condish and I've NEVER had to take them to the cobbler. Best $75 I've spent on dress shoes. The color on my tooties is from the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection and it's called "Mermaid's Tears". The crooked toes came with the feet. 

Stay tuned for more from the San Luis Obispo trip, tips on wedding beauty and all other shenanigans.


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  1. Hey I have crooked toes too:) Nothing a cute polish can't help! love that color.