Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life Lately: Wall Gardens

 There’s something about me you guys should know, I get obsessed with things. I’m the fad queen- but in a good way. One year I got obsessed with knee-high ringer socks and wore them everyday. A few months ago I was obsessed with what I call “open top succulent terrariums” which are essentials succulents planted in thrifted fish bowls (honestly, I’m still kind of obsessed with that). Maybe it’s the artist in me, but when I get passionate about something- I just go with it. I’ve never been a huge fan of using eccentricity as an excuse- but I am an artist, so I think it’s just something that comes with the territory. I have to follow my weird passions.

Everything can be a flower pot. I'm a huge fan of old coffee cans and upcycled glassware.

For the past week or so I’ve been dealing with another bout of nesting in the condo. I’m really a person that puts the pictures on the walls first and then worries about where the fridge is going to go later. Thank Kaballah monster that my housemate is a dude who really gives me free reign to do whatever I want with the house so long as it doesn’t interfere with his needs to eat copious amounts of salsa and watch terrible cancelled crime dramas on Hulu. I will argue, it really works out for him because when his parents come to visit, they are greeted by a well decorated, creative and clean home, not a dude house. Let’s just say, I know how most dudes live and there is no room for unframed Pulp Fiction posters and mattresses on floors in this dojo. It’s just my nature. I’m a fan of ambiance and not only do I want to feel welcome and lovely in my own home- I want others to feel that way as well. I want to live in a home that inspires me and others. I’m also a renter, so it somewhat limits what I can and will do.

The damned blank space.

Project starting. Please note the pink Black & Decker electric lady screwdriver. 

 I had this annoying empty space between my living room and kitchen that I’d been struggling to find the right look for. I wanted something that was different from both rooms, but still interesting enough to tie the rooms together. This little 56 inch space was driving me bonkers. Ding! Lightbulb! I had been kind of obsessing over houseplants since I picked up a $4 orchid from the as-is department of Ikea. Something about plants just brings life and freshness to a place- a real sense of renewal and process. First stop was Ikea to pick up a shelf that would just kind of blend into the decor I already had. I settled on the EKBY ÖSTEN shelf (46 inch) and the EKBY LERGBERG brackets. I was meeting my girl, Chris for lunch and the restaurant just happened to be next to Home Depot. We decided to check out the selection and I ended up leaving with some plants to start out with. I wanted to grab some bromeliads but at $8 a pop for 4-inchers, it was just not in the budget. On my way home, eager to start my project I popped by my favorite gardening haven, The Plant Stand in Costa Mesa. I love The Plant Stand (and I’ll hate myself for disclosing this, but...) they have two clearance sections one for plants and one for pottery. If you have a bit of a green thumb and/or ducktape- it’s the best thing ever. There are always loads of houseplants on clearance for a fraction of the full price and with a little TLC they can be made completely functioning and good as new.
Chris was looking for some mighty fine top soil for her new garden.

The project had to be started as soon as I got home, so I got to work grabbing any interesting container I could find and taking a few clippings from my succulent garden and just went to town. My housemate helped me hang the shelf and make sure that it was even and promptly made fun of me for my itty bitty pink Black & Decker electric screwdriver that I’m always taking on projects with. All in all, I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’m still thinking of putting another shelf below it or maybe a picture of some sort, but I’m going to step away and just let it be for a week or so and see where my inspiration takes me.

The finished product. Cluttered to perfection.

Ta-dah! The shelf isn't crooked, the picture is.

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