Thursday, May 3, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

Photobooth swag.
 Fuzzy Leopard Coat / Split

  • Why do I always have to pee the second I’ve finished a manicure?
  • I haven’t had a complete day to myself in over two weeks
  • People being 1:30am drunk at 8:30pm, it's kind of a buzzkill.
  • Accidentally leaving the seat warmer on while making a 4+ hour drive with no air conditioning.
  • Having to apologize for my intense excitement and cheerleaderness over all things kitchen related when my bachelor friend asked me to take him to Sur La Table and help pick out kitchen must haves. Literally, I was clapping and doing spirit sprinkles over La Creuset casserole dishes.
Four coats to goodness. Starting with "Spanglemaker" by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, two coats of "Happy Birthday" by Deborah Lippmann and topped off with "Galaxy" by American Apparel.

Roaming around Forever 21.

  • Went to an amazing wedding over the weekend and had a total blast, especially at the after party where I started an a capella  group sing-a-long to the Wilson Phillips classic “Hold On”.
  • Work had been keeping me busy, which means when I actually do have a day off- women be shopping.
  • American Apparel nail lacquer glitters.
  • When people have a “thing” and it makes birthdays super easy breezy. I will always love anything ever from Anthropologie, my friend Roman (the aforementioned embarassed party at Sur La Table) is now into cooking and baking, I snagged him a sweet cast iron skillet from Williams Sonoma for his birthday on Monday.
  • Photobooths! Every party should have one.
  • Tomorrow is Star Wars day, so May the Fourth be with you!
Star Wars day 2012
Words of wisdom at The Coffee Bean.

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