Sunday, April 15, 2012

Peeling the Onion: An Introduction

Greetings and Salutations, earthlings. Consider this first contact. Well, I suppose it's not REALLY first contact as I've had blogs in some way shape or form since I was a senior in high school. Anyhow, I'm sure you are wondering just who this chick is, allow me to re-introduce myself....


My name is Rachel and I'm a 28 year-old lady from Southern California. If this were 1998 and we were on AOL Instant Messenger, it would go something like this: 28/F/CA. I am a professional make-up artist by day and a woman of many interests always.  The purpose of this blog is to showcase life, style and beauty form a girl offering a different point of view than most life and style bloggers. I’m navigating life as a single, professional woman in love with my career, with an amazing set of friends and a unique outlook on life. I promise to share my experiences candidly and enthusiastically, as long as you promise to keep on reading what I have to say.

Let me just share a bit of my personal story. I grew up in a small town in a small valley in Southern California called Lake Elsinore. The majority of my youth was spent marching to the beat of my own drummer, wishing that I could some how become Clarissa Explains It All and riding horses with my friends to the other side of the lake to grab a burger. I was always a bit of a showboat, but I suspect that to be something that comes along with being an only child- or at least an almost only child like I was (I have older brothers but they were already out of the house by the time I was born). I had a pretty great childhood and didn't want for much- but those were the days before ten year olds knew what Louis Vuitton was. I grew up in theater, dancing, riding horses, playing sports, running in circles, playing hopscotch and having Little Mermaid "sing-offs" on the playground. Just your average middle class childhood.

I'd always marched to the beat of my own drummer and that became more apparent when I was in High School and I just kind of came to terms with the fact that I was just DIFFERENT that most people. Not that I was some sort of special snowflake princess- but my brain just worked different, I wanted different things and I was a bit more comfortable in my own skin. I spent the first two years of school, not sad that I didn't fit in with the cool kids, but sad that I just didn't WANT to. I also have the strong belief that my impression of high school was muddled my the brooding very grown-up eyes of Dylan McKay and the frustration that there just will NEVER be a cool after school hangout like The Peach Pit. Once I realized that being a cheerleader held no social standing, I just kind of stopped doing what I thought I was supposed to do and just started to be myself.

I had always had my own style and had been finding treasures at thrift stores since I was a kid. Once I figured out that life was just better lived in my own skin- I really started to find myself and my style as a person. I spent the majority of my high school experience, just having a blast. I would spend my nights at various shows (my town was small so people kind of transitioned between genres with ease) or at friends houses. I took a lawn flamingo to my prom, you know, the usual stuff.

I graduated from Elsinore High School in 2001 and moved to Costa Mesa that summer to begin my adventure as a college student. I attended Vanguard University of Southern California for my entire undergraduate career and graduated by the skin of my teeth in 2005. I originally thought I wanted to go into the music industry and spent a little over a year interning for Vagrant Records and then managing a friends' band. As much as I loved the music business and I'm sure I would have excelled at it- it just wasn't for me. I had figured out around 2002/2003 that being a make-up artist was actually a legit career path and started to focus on that in my spare time. I attended make-up school at the Make-Up Designory in Burbank, California in 2005 and entered the world of professional make-up artistry shortly after. The rest, as they say, is history.

There are lots of things that have happened in between- but I think I'll save that for future posts- gotta keep 'em wanting more, right?

There are a few things I am certain of now, today, at this very moment- I'm happy to be here and I am happy that you are here too.

Let's get to know each other.


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